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Effect Based Vaporization = Simplified Efficiency Have you had your D8 today?
At Quickvape, our goal is to create the ideal effect based vape experience using hemp derived products legal in all 50 states
Our state of the art extraction process uses all-natural, liquified CO2 pulled from the atmosphere, one of the purest forms of making cannabinoid rich distillate and extracts
From our liquified extractions, we're able to create a variety of hemp derived products for comsumption such as hemp derived delta-8 THC distillate, as well as CBD distillate
Organic chemicals from plants (phytocompounds) combined with cannabiniods from hemp create an effect based vaporization experience.

Designed to target your desired effect based on scientific research, artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Your Quickvape cartridge comes with third party lab results, which verify our purity and quality standards of safety and practice.

Our vape products are tested for heavy metals and pestisides to ensure the highest level of screening before use.

Quickvape products use only the highest grade of hemp derived and botanically derived cannabinoids, oils and terpenes. Our products contain zero:

XVitamin E Acetate
XPropylene Glycol
D8 + Betulinic Acid The woodsy taste of white birch tree $20 One Gram
(1000 mg) Cartridge
D8 + Linalool The sleepy aroma of lavender $20 One Gram
(1000 mg) Cartridge
Liquid Quickvape Vaporizer Features
  • Fully charged in 35 minutes, lasts for 300 puffs
  • Temperture set to 410°F / 210°C for maximum vapor at a safe heat
  • Magnetic cartridge clicks in place without threading
  • Sealed and leakproof design allows for portable travel and storage
  • $20 Per Device
    D8 + Limonene The energenic taste of lemon $20 One Gram
    (1000 mg) Cartridge
    D8 + Myrcene The calming, tropical taste of mango $20 One Gram
    (1000 mg) Cartridge
    Claims presented by Quickvape have not been reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration. Quickvape products are not intended to diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease or illness. *Effects are based on computer generated research articles from in-vitro (test tube, petri dish, etc.) and in-vivo (human, animal, etc.) results involving associated terpenes, polyphenols and phytocompounds.
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